Bits of Me

Computational Biophysicist

My name is Wai Shing Tang (he/his/them), with "Wai Shing" being my first name and "Tang" being my last name. I was born and grew up in Hong Kong.


After obtaining my bachelor degree (B.Sc. in Physics) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, I am currently pursuing my doctoral degree (Ph.D. in Physics) at Brown University, RI, USA, and expect to graduate in May 2022.


Trained in Physics, interested in protein, with experience in both computational and experimental researches. I communicate with scientist from various discipline (e.g. statistics, mathematics, chemistry, structural biology) to devise innovative solutions for complex biological problems, specifically, to develope novel and efficient statistical and machine learning methods to address complex problems in biophysics, structural biology, and molecular modelling.

I speak Cantonese natively, also speak English, Mandarin and Japanese. I practice Taekwondo in my leisure time and I am currently a 2nd-degree black belt and an instructor at Brown Taekwondo. I also like Anime, music and food.